Services we offer

Appliance Analysis specializes in:

  • Fire Damage
  • Explosion Damage
  • Water Damage
  • Mechanical Code Analysis

When you suspect the appliance has caused the loss, we will:

  • Scientifically determine how and why
  • Write the protocols for product or part inspections
  • Supply “on notice” letters to the manufacturers in product liability cases, when needed

Appliance Analysis provides clients with:

  • On-scene investigation
  • Inspection and testing protocols
  • Laboratory investigation
  • Visual inspection
  • Scientific testing (using exemplaries, if necessary)
  • Timeline
  • Fault tree
  • Videotaping of the scene
  • Videotaping of suspected appliance
  • Videotaping of inspection
  • Videotaping of testing
  • DVD of videotape is provided to our clients (un-edited)
  • Still photographs (35mm) of the investigation
  • File review with expert opinion
  • Report, discussion, and opinion

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DVD of Analysis


What makes us different? For one, we provide a DVD of our analysis.

Any “live” testing that is performed is video recorded

All video is viewed and re-viewed to help in our inspections and investigations

All video is “raw” and unedited, you are viewing our testing

Electrical wire beading has been documented

Splashing from electrical arcing has been found, before using a microscope

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