Case Study #5



Did the dishwasher cause this water damage? How did the home owner’s dishwasher leak water and cause severe water damage to their house?

Goal of the Client

Determine if this dishwasher leaked water
If the dishwasher did in fact leak water was it caused by an operator error?
Was this dishwasher failure due to a manufacturing defect?

Why Appliance Analysis, Inc.?

When Appliance Analysis’s client was reviewing their options to investigate the cause they needed to ensure that the dishwasher was the source of the water damage. In order to receive proper compensation they needed a detailed failure analysis of the dishwasher. Appliance Analysis, Inc. has investigated two dishwashers with the same failure. Both dishwashers are from the same manufacture but have different names.


With experience and expertise on our side, Appliance Analysis knew where to look first. We investigated the dishwasher, we scoured pictures of the scene, we were able to determine that the heating element had melted the plastic tub so severely that the plastic cracked and bubbled. This failure caused the water damage to occur in both homes.

These two dishwashers have caused severe water damage in both homes; Will the next one of this brand dishwasher failures result in a house fire?

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