Case Study #4


Appliance Analysis, Inc. was sent the remains of a clock radio that had been involved in a manufactured home fire. The investigators at the scene had determined that this clock radio was the source of the fire.

Goal of the Client

If this clock radio caused a fire then the insurance company may collect for damages from the clock radio manufacture.
Was this clock radio the source of the fire?
Product failure. If this clock radio started this fire, why and how did it fail?

Why Appliance Analysis, Inc.? 
When the insurance company was reviewing their options to investigate the cause of this fire, they needed to ensure that the clock radio was the source of the house fire. In order to receive proper compensation, if any was due, they needed detailed investigation, reporting and expert testimony.

Appliance Analysis was able to determine that this clock radio WAS NOT the cause of this house fire. Our inspection revealed that this house fire approached this clock radio. The fire did not start at the clock radio and spread from there. The process used for this determination was “arc mapping”.

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