Case Study #1


During a self clean cycle, an electric range caused $7000 of soot/smoke damage to a house. Was this case due to a product failure?

Goal of the Client

  • To recover the dollar amount of the loss
  • To discover the reason/source of the smoke
  • Was this accidental or intentional smoke damage?
  • Was this due to product failure?

Why Appliance Analysis, Inc.? 
Smoke plus soot=$7000
Insurance companies want to find who or what caused smoke damage to this house. Was it accidental?

If a product or component in a product failed and caused damage then there will be subrogation against the manufacturer.

In order for our client to receive some amount of compensation, they may require expert investigation, testing (non-destructive and/or destructive), live testing, detailed reporting and expert testimony.

At Appliance Analysis, Inc., the range was inspected thoroughly and tested. During the live testing, the electric range had smoke rolling out of the oven from the top of the oven door. All of the smoke was caused from a filthy oven. The home owner stated that they had not self cleaned the oven in three years. There was no product failure found on this electric oven.

On Product Failures
Companies that have used Appliance Analysis, Inc. for product failure, have recovered 70% -100% of the loss claim.

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